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№1, 1998

A.Yu.Aleksandrov On a method for construction of Lyapunov's functions for nonlinear nonautonomous systems 1
L.A.Burlakova On the stability of non-conservative systems 9
E.M.Vikhtenko On an iterative method for solving the first boundary value problem for quasilinear parabolic equations of the second order 18
V.I.Zhegalov and M.P.Kotukhov On integral equations for Riemann function 24
V.A.Kakichev and Nguen Suan Thao On a method for construction of generalized integral convolutions 29
P.M.Kudishin The theorem on equiconvergence for differential operators of higher order with a singularity 39
E.V.Manokhin Г-weak local uniform rotundness in Banach spaces 49
S.L.Tonkonog and L.D.Eskin On some symmetries and invariant solutions of the equations of the dynamics of a non-Newton fluid I 53
S.N.Tronin Retracts and retractions of free algebras I 65
S.A.Tyurin The p-operation of the Zassenhaus algebra 78
V.I.Panteleyev Polynomial expansions of k-valued functions in operators of differentiation and normalization 81

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