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№9, 1999

O.S.Germanov Pseudo-Liouville surfaces 1
A.M.Gurin On infinite bounded polyhedra with isogonal faces 10
L.V.Zil'bergleit Intermediate integrals of the MongeЦAmpere equations 13
A.Ya.Narmanov On the geometry of totally geodesic Riemannian foliations 23
A.K.Rybnikov On special connections which determine representations of zero curvature for second order evolution equations 29
E.N.Sosov On the best net, the best section, and the Chebyshev center of bounded set in infinite-dimensional Lobachevskii space 39
S.E.Stepanov On geometry of projective submersions of Riemannian manifolds 44
A.V.Stolyarov Dual affine connections on regular hyperband 51
A.Ya.Sultanov Prolongations of tensor fields and connections to the Weil bundles 60
M.P.Burlakov Generalized exterior algebras and their applications 69
Z.Kh.Zakirova First integrals of geodesic equations of H-spaces of type [411] 74
V.I.Makeyev On classes of relative almost Hermitian manifolds 76
L.N.Romakina Theory of curves in the biaffine flag space of hyperbolic type 79

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