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№8, 1999

A.V.Glushak Iterated Cauchy and Dirichlet problems with the Bessel operator in Banach space 1
N.A.Degtyarenko The doubly-periodic meromorphic analog of the Cauchy kernel and some its applications 9
V.V.Dubrovskii and A.I.Sedov Estimations in Lq-norm of the difference between spectral functions of the Gegenbauer type operators 17
V.S.Klimov On symmetrization of anisotropic integral functionals 23
S.G.Myslivets On multidimensional version of the boundary Morera theorem 30
A.D.Nakhman Lebesgue constants of arithmetic means of double FourierЦLegendre sums 34
N.V.Pertsev On stability of the zero solution of a system of integral-differential equations, which arises in models of population dynamics 44
A.G.Pinus On conditionally rational-equivalent discriminator varieties 50
Yu.E.Senitskii and S.A.Lychyov Determination of the norms of the kernels of finite integral transformations and their application 56
M.T.Teryokhin and T.L.Panfilova Periodic solutions of the Rossler system 66
P.A.Teryokhin Inequalities for components of summable functions and their representations by elements of a system of compressions and shifts 70

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