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№7, 1999

S.B.Zaitseva and A.A.Zlotnik On some properties of alternating-triangular vector method for the heat conduction equation 1
D.S.Kashchenko Local and non-local cycles in a second order equation with retarded feedback 10
V.L.Krepkogorskii Interpolation and embedding theorems for quasinormed Besov spaces 21
V.S.Mokeichev and A.V.Mokeichev A new approach to the theory of linear problems for systems of differential partial equations II 27
M.A.Osiptsev The coefficient estimation for harmonic automorphisms of the disk 39
Yu.V.Pedan Finding residues of rational functions of two variables by cycles corresponding to cuts 43
I.P.Ryazantseva On the resolvability of variational inequalities with unbounded semimonotone maps 46
V.N.Salii Quasi-Boolean powers of semilattices 51
A.M.Sidorov On a class of perturbed operators 58
A.G.Chentsov Universal version of generalized integral constraints in the class of finitely additive measures I 64
E.N.Yakovenko Locally compact groups with a semi-Brouwer lattice of closed subgroups 72
A.N.Mironov On construction of the Riemann function for certain equation in n-dimensional space 75

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