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№6, 1999

L.A.Aksent'ev Schlicht functions from the extended Becker and Nehari classes and their hydromechanical interpretation 1
I.A.Aleksandrov Conformal mappings of a half-plane onto domains with transfer symmetry 13
A.B.Burmistrova Relative surjectivity coefficients of linear operators 17
T.I.Ishankulov and O.I.Makhmudov The Cauchy problem for the system of thermoelasticity equations in the space 25
V.N.Kutrunov and Z.S.Kuryata Integral equations of vector field 31
A.M.Kytmanov and O.V.Khodos On the conditions for the holomorphic extension of smooth CR-functions into a fixed domain 35
A.G.Losev and Ye.A.Mazepa On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of certain elliptic type equations on noncompact Riemannian manifolds 39
Yu.V.Nepomnyashchikh and A.V.Ponosov Local operators in some subspaces of the space L0 48
B.F.Samsonov On the Darboux transformation of N-th order 62
V.P.Sizhuk Neighborhoods of functions which are convex with respect to symmetric points 66
V.N.Skimel' To the problems of acceptability of approximate solutions of differential equations 71
E.N.Sosov On approximative properties of sets in special metric spaces 78

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