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№5, 1999

V.N.Abrashin, V.M.Volkov, A.A.Yegorov and N.G.Zhadayeva On a class of difference methods for solving NavierЦStokes equations 1
A.A.Amosov and A.A.Zlotnik Semidiscrete method for solving equations of a one-dimensional motion of a viscous heat-conductive gas with non-smooth data. Regularity of solution 10
V.S.Zheltukhin On the solvability of a nonlinear spectral problem of the theory of the high-frequency low pressure discharges 24
I.V.Konnov Implementable feasible quasi-nonexpansive operators 30
V.G.Korneyev and S.Jensen Efficient domain decomposition preconditioning for the hierarchical p-version I 35
A.D.Lyashko and M.R.Timerbayev Resolvability and the finite element method for degenerate elliptic equations of high order 53
Ye.V.Chizhonkov On the ArrowЦHurwicz algorithm with alternating iterative parameters 61
R.R.Shagidullin Investigation of one-dimensional equations of a static state of a soft shell 69
G.I.Shishkin Improvement of accuracy of approximate solutions by correcting discrepancy for singularly perturbed equations with convective terms 77
S.Ye.Zhelezovskii and N.N.Bukesova The estimates of error of projection method for an abstract quasilinear hyperbolic equation 90

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