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№4, 1999

Ye.G.Akhmedzyanova and V.N.Dubinin Radial transformations of sets and inequalities for the transfinite diameter 1
I.A.Bikchantayev The Clifford theorem for quasirational functions 7
V.N.Bobochko Boundary value problem for a system of singularly perturbed differential equations with non-diagonalizable limit operator 11
R.V.Vershinin On $(1+


n)$-bounded M-bases
V.F.Volkodavov and V.N.Zakharov Extremal properties of solutions of certain hyperbolic equation of third order in trivariate space with applications 26
N.Sh.Zagirov Polynomial snakes with respect to subsystems of algebraic degrees 30
A.G.Pinus On elementary theories of generic multialgebras 37
A.L.Teptin On oscillation property of the spectrum of multipoint boundary value problem 42
S.A.Tyurin Reconstructions of tori in Zassenhaus algebras 53
M.D.Yudin On a generalization of the Kolmogorov formula to sums of independent vectors 60
I.G.Ganiyev On vector measures with values in BanachЦKantorovich spaces 64
M.Yu.Zdorovenko Hyperfinite approximation of the Fourier transformation 67
T.Yu.Kulikova Approximation of functions in L2-metric with the Jacobi weight 72
Yu.V.Lazarev, A.V.Marchenko and I.B.Simonenko On evaluation of determinants of truncated univariate continual convolutions with rational symbols 76
Yu.N.Smolin On a method of obtaining an exponential estimate for the solution of Volterra equation 78
A.N.Chuprunov The invariance principle for independent observations of random process with values in Banach spaces 82

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