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№3, 1999

A.I.Bulgakov and L.I.Tkach Perturbation of single-valued operator by a multivalued mapping of Hammerstein type with nonconvex images 1
A.I.Vagabov Problem on oscillation of a finite string with a nonlinear perturbation 14
O.M.Dzhokhadze A problem of the Darboux type in trihedral angle for a third order equation of hyperbolic type 20
G.G.Islamov On polyhedral resolvability of a system of linear differential equations 29
Yu.A.Konyayev Iterative method of analysis for nonlinear singularly perturbed initial and boundary value problems 36
A.D.Nakhman On partial sums of the multiple Fourier series in the Jacobi polynomials 44
I.V.Shirokov Investigation of stability of solutions of differential equations admitting a transitive symmetry group 56
M.Sh.Yakupov Canonical description and inversion of operators in discrete space II 63
J.Godula and V.V.Starkov To the regularity theorem for linear-invariant families of functions in a polydisk 74
A.B.Mikhailov On two-point problem for a second order equation in partial derivatives with constant coefficients 79

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