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№2, 1999

N.V.Azbelev, M.Zh.Alves and E.I.Bravyi On singular boundary value problems for a second order linear functional differential equation 1
M.J.Alves On resolvability of the two-point boundary value problem for a nonlinear singular functional-differential equation 10
V.V.Vlasov On a class of difference-differential equations of neutral type 17
S.A.Gusarenko On variational problems with linear constraints 27
V.A.Zaitsev and Ye.L.Tonkov Attainability, consistency and the rotation method by V.M.Millionshchikov 42
G.G.Islamov On a property of the multiplicators of linear periodic systems 53
Ye.K.Makarov and S.N.Popova On global controllability of the central exponents of linear systems 56
Yu.V.Masterkov To the local controllability in the critical case 64
Yu.V.Pokornyi and R.Mustafokulov On the positivity of Green's function of linear boundary value problems for fourth order equations on a graph 71

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