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№12, 1999

B.G.Gabdulkhayev Optimization of direct and projection methods of solving operator equations 1
E.Kh.Gimadi and A.I.Serdyukov Axial three-index assignment and travelling salesman problems: fast approximate algorithms and their probabilistic analysis 17
V.A.Dykhta and O.N.Samsonyuk Maximum principle in nonsmooth problems of optimal control with discontinuous trajectories 23
V.A.Emelichev and O.A.Yanushkevich On regularization of multicriterial problem of integer linear programming 35
I.I.Yeryomin The general theory of stability in linear programming 40
Ya.I.Zabotin and I.N.Dan'shin Algorithms in the method of centers with incomplete minimization of the auxiliary function of maximum 49
I.V.Konnov On a class of D-gap functions for mixed variational inequalities 56
M.K.Kravtsov and Ye.V.Lukshin On noninteger vertices of the polytope of multi-index axial choice problem 61
E.A.Lutkovskaya On a way to construct the parametric synthesis for a linear-quadratic problem of optimal control 67
A.S.Strekalovskii and A.A.Kuznetsova On the convergence of global search algorithm in the problem of convex maximization on admissible set 70
V.A.Terletskii Variational maximum principle in controlled systems of one-dimensional hyperbolic equations 78

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