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№11, 1999

U.D.Bekbayev On equivalence and invariants of partial linear differential equations of second order in two variables under change of variables 1
N.G.Bil'chenko, K.G.Garayev and V.A.Ovchinnikov Symmetry group and conservation laws in the problem on optimal control over laminar boundary layer of unbalanced-dissociating gas 9
M.N.Gavrilyuk On covering of disks in the BieberbachЦEilenberg class 18
V.G.Korneyev and S.Jensen Efficient domain decomposition preconditioning for the hierarchical p-version II 22
V.L.Krepkogorskii On multidimensional methods of interpolation 38
V.S.Mokeichev and A.V.Mokeichev A new approach to the theory of linear problems for systems of differential partial equations III 47
S.I.Okrut Holomorphic conformal submersions 58
K.B.Sabitov, A.A.Karamova and G.G.Sharafutdinova To the theory of equations of mixed type with two degeneration lines 68
R.Zh.Aleyev and G.A.Panina The units of cyclic groups of orders 7 and 9 80

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