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№10, 1999

R.I.Kadiyev To stability of stochastic functional differential equations with respect to first approximation 1
A.V.Lapin and Ye.G.Sheshukov Problem on filtration through porous medium on a permeable foundation with a layer of salt water 7
S.V.Leshchyova and O.V.Suvorova On


-structure on the group 3D4
A.N.Mironov On the relation between the boundary values of the Goursat problem with normal derivatives of the third order 21
S.D.Simonzhenkov On recurrence computation of integrals of elliptic type 25
V.P.Sklyarov On the norm of a minimal linear projection in $C[0,\infty)$ 29
M.T.Teryokhin Bifurcation of periodic solutions of functional differential equations 35
G.S.Tyugashov $k$-expansion of topological spaces and convexity 41
V.B.Cherepennikov Polynomial quasi-solutions of linear systems of difference-differential equations 46
P.A.Shulimanov On the lower bound for a special form of rational approximations of entire functions on a semi-axis 56
L.D.Eskin On integral equation describing orientation phase transitions in the Parsons model 60
V.I.Zhegalov and E.A.Utkina On a pseudoparabolic equation of the third order 70
V.A.Nogin and K.S.Shevchenko Inversion of some Riesz potentials with oscillating characteristics for non-elliptic case 74
Yu.I.Cherskii Discrete-continuous system of convolution equations 78

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