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№1, 1999

L.L.Gromova and N.V.Kireyeva On a bound of a functional in the class of starlike functions 1
N.G.Gur'yanov An analytic solution of a system of differential equations, describing an axially symmetric deformation of orthotropic shallow spherical segment 4
Ye.M.Karchevskii Investigation of a numerical method for solving the spectral problem of the theory of dielectric waveguides 8
Yu.V.Kozhevnikov The adaptive approximation of functions 16
V.S.Mokeichev and V.S.Mokeichev A new approach to the theory of linear problems for systems of differential partial equations I 22
A.G.Pinus n-elementary embeddability and n-conditional terms 33
M.Prvanovic Enlarged recurrent manifolds 38
L.A.Sakhnovich Matrix nonlinear Schrodinger equation and the corresponding equation hierarchy 48
S.Ye.Stepanov On the classification of almost product structures on a manifold with linear connection 58
Ye.M.Fedotov Investigation of convergence of difference scheme for 3D equations of the viscous liquid dynamics 65
S.Kosbergenov On the Carleman formula for matrix ball 72
E.S.Panasenko Embedding theorems for anisotropic classes of differentiable functions 76

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