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№8, 2000

I.A.Allakov Representation of even numbers via the sum of two odd prime numbers from arithmetic progression 1
V.F.Volkodavov and Ye.R.Mansurova Boundary value problem for a particular form of the EulerЦDarboux equation with integral conditions and special conjugation conditions on characteristic 14
M.M.Dragilev Abel and Fabry properties of basis decompositions of analytic functions 18
V.A.Kakichev and Nguen Suan Thao Basis analog of H-function of one and two variables 26
A.I.Malikov Matrix systems of differential equations with the quasimonotonicity condition 33
I.I.Marchenko The Shea estimate for the value of deviation of a meromorphic function 44
M.I.Sumin Suboptimal control over semilinear elliptic equations with phase constraints II. Sensitivity, typicalness of the regular maximum principle 50
N.P.Fadeyev Orthogonal polynomials of a generalized-even weight 61
Ye.F.Ayupova (Miftakhova) Solution of a two-dimensional weakly singular integral equation of first genus 69
S.P.Zubova Investigation of the solution of the Cauchy problem for a singularly perturbed differential equation 73

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