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№7, 2000

A.V.Vinnik and S.G.Leiko Isoperimetric extremals of rotation functional on two-dimensional connected Lie groups with invariant Riemannian metrics 1
S.K.Gorlov, I.Ya.Novikov and V.A.Rodin Correction of the Haar polynomials applied for compression of graphic information 4
V.A.Igoshin Spray simulation and point trajectory morphisms of quasigeodesic flows 9
V.B.Levenshtam Method of averaging for quasilinear parabolic equations with fast oscillating coefficients 20
E.Yu.Lerner Adele formula for the Gaussian integrals 29
N.Ye.Maryukova A geometrical interpretation of the sine-Gordon equation 35
N.P.Mozhei Homogeneous submanifolds in the four-dimensional affine and projective geometry 39
A.P.Semigrodskikh On clones of polynomials over infinite fields 50
M.M.Sorokina Composition and local critical formations 56
R.F.Shamoyan Continuous functionals and multipliers of power series of a class of functions analytic in a polydisk 63
A.V.Aminova, S.V.Zuyev and D.A.Kalinin Algebraic conditions for compatibility of two metric forms with the same almost complex (quaternion) structure on a manifold 66
T.I.Gaisin On a complex of basic forms of foliation 70
A.F.Kryuchkov and V.A.Sirenek Probabilistic representation of solution of the hyperbolic mass transfer equation with convection term 73
V.I.Chilin and I.G.Ganiyev Individual ergodic theorem for compressions in the BanachЦKantorovich lattice $L_p(\ath\nabla,\hat\mu)$ 77

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