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№5, 2000

Ye.G.Belousov and V.G.Andronov On algebraic properties of sets which do not contain straight lines 1
M.K.Bugir Conditions for non-oscillation of the solutions of systems of second order differential equations 10
M.G.Grigoryan Universality systems in Lp, $1\le p<2$ 17
L.A.Zolotukhina Asymptotic distribution of number of coincidences of a bivariate sample under natural matching 21
V.A.Igoshin Spray simulation and point symmetries of a spray 29
N.Kehayopulu and M.Tsingelis On congruences in ordered semigroups 35
S.G.Kononov Algebras of invariant affinors of homogeneous spaces of the real simple Lie groups of the type Al with regular isotropy subgroups 38
Yu.A.Konyayev Spectral method of investigation of stability of some classes of non-autonomous differential equations 49
V.P.Serebryakov Deficiency index of second order matrix differential operators 60
G.Yu.Vinogradova, K.A.Georgiyev and V.M.Deundyak The structure of algebras of singular integral translation operators in weight spaces and calculation of the index of families 66
V.L.Krepkogorskii Interpolation in class of the Besov and Lizorkin--Triebel spaces. The limit case $p_0=\infty$ 70
A.V.Ozhegova Direct methods for solving of one class of integral equations of first genus 73
G.N.Timofeyev An integrable я-structure with symmetric second covariant derivative of an affinor 77

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