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№4, 2000

N.V.Azbelev and P.M.Simonov Stability of the equations with delay II 1
V.V.Vlasov Estimates of solutions of neutral difference-differential equations 12
A.V.Komarov, O.M.Penkin and Yu.V.Pokornyi Spectrum of a uniform grid of strings 21
J.S.P.Munembe On asymptotical behavior of solutions of system of linear delay functional differential equations with periodic parameters 26
A.K.Ratyni Elliptic boundary value problem with superposition operator in the boundary value condition I 34
L.F.Rakhmatullina Continuous dependence of solution of a linear boundary value problem on parameters 39
Z.B.Tsalyuk Asymptotical structure of resolvent of the unstable Volterra equation with difference kernel 48
M.J.Alves A nonlinear boundary value problem with a non-summable singularity 54
I.N.Gurova Method of semi-discretization for quasilinear equations with noncompact semigroup 58
S.A.Gusarenko Minimization of quadratic functionals with constraints in the form of equalities 64
I.L.Oinas and Z.B.Tsalyuk Asymptotics of solution of a system of difference equations 68
E.V.Plekhova Stable solvability of monotone and accretive operators 70
D.L.Fyodorov Representation of the resolvent of the Perron--Stieltjes integral equations in terms of series 74

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