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№3, 2000

O.V.Antonova, S.A.Bronnikova, V.V.Davydova and M.Ordonez Cabrera On the weak law of large numbers in martingale type p Banach spaces under a general condition of Cesaro type 1
G.A.Akishev and S.T.Makhashev On absolute convergence of the Fourier series with respect to the generalized Haar system 6
G.V.Arutyunyants Boundedness of some maximal and multiplicator operators 15
V.V.Dubrovskii and V.V.Glekova Theorem on the uniqueness of a solution of inverse problems of the spectral analysis 19
L.B.Yermolaeva One quadrature formula 23
V.N.Zakharov The principle of absolute extremum for a certain class of third order differential equations in three-dimensional space and its application 27
S.A.Kirillov, M.I.Kuznetsov and N.G.Chebochko On deformations of the Lie algebra of type G2$ of characteristic 3 31
N.B.Pleshchinskii To the abstract theory of approximate methods for solving linear operator equations 37
V.P.Serebryakov On the deficiency index of second order matrix differential operators with rapidly oscillating coefficients 46
V.Ye.Fyodorov Degenerate strongly continuous operator groups 51
A.G.Chentsov To iterative realization of non-look-ahead multivalued mappings 63
F.K.Akhmadishina On asymptotic optimality of projection methods 74
A.V.Molchanov Endomorphism semigroups for weak p-hypergraphs 77

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