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№2, 2000

N.V.Aleksenko The stability of solutions of nonlinear almost periodic systems of delay functional-differential equations 1
G.G.Amosov On approximation of semigroups of isometries in a Hilbert space 5
A.M.Akhtyamov On coefficients of expansion in eigenfunctions of a boundary value problem with spectral parameter in the boundary conditions 11
I.A.Bikchantayev Riemann problem on ultrahyperelliptic surface 17
A.V.Daneyev and V.A.Rusanov On a class of strong models over a countable set of dynamical processes of a finite character 30
A.A.Zhukova The HardyЦLittlewood problem 39
N.Kehayopulu and M.Tsingelis A note on semilattice congruences in ordered semigroups 48
Yu.N.Mukhin On topological groups with a countable set of monothetic subgroups 51
R.B.Salimov A new approach for solving the Hilbert boundary value problem for analytic function in a multiply connected domain 58
Yu.T.Sil'chenko On estimation of resolvent of second order differential operator with non-regular boundary conditions 63
A.G.Chentsov Universal version of generalized integral constraints in the class of finitely additive measures II 67
V.I.Sumin and A.V.Chernov On some indicators of the quasi-nilpotency of functional operators 75

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