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№12, 2000

Ye.V.Aksenyushkina Iterative method for solving linear problems of optimal control with terminal constraints 1
O.O.Vasil'yeva and O.V.Vasil'yev Search of equilibrium controls in differential m-person game 7
I.P.Voznyuk Approximation algorithm for the maximal location problem with capacitated facilities of production and supply 13
E.Kh.Gimadi, N.M.Kairan and A.I.Serdyukov Resolvability of multi-index axial assignment problem on one-cyclic substitutions 19
V.A.Yemelichev and Yu.V.Stepanishina Quasistability of vector nonlinear trajectory problem with the Pareto optimality principle 25
I.Ya.Zabotin Stability of algorithms of unconditional minimization of pseudoconvex functions 31
Ya.I.Zabotin and I.A.Fukin One modification of the penalty shifting method for problems of nonlinear programming 47
I.V.Konnov Approximate methods for primal-dual variational inequalities of a mixed type 53
I.P.Ryazantseva The method of iterative second order regularization for convex problems of conditional minimization 65
V.A.Srochko and Ye.I.Pudalova Methods of non-local improvement for admissible controls in linear problems with delay 76
M.K.Kravtsov, V.M.Kravtsov and Ye.V.Lukshin The number of r-noninteger vertices of polytopes of three-index axial problem of choice 76

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