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№11, 2000

V.N.Abrashin, A.A.Yegorov and N.G.Zhadayeva Economic iteration schemes of realization of finite element method for stationary boundary value problems of the mathematical physics 1
L.L.Glazyrina and M.F.Pavlova Theorem on uniqueness of solution of a problem of the theory of joint motion of river-bed water and groundwater 10
A.V.Gulin and A.V.Sheredina Stability boundaries of difference schemes 23
A.M.Denisov and A.Lorenzi On nonlinear integral equation of first kind 31
V.G.Korneyev and J.Fish Two-level methods for spatial problems, based on aggregation 39
L.A.Krukier and L.G.Chikina Skew-symmetric iteration methods of solving stationary convection-diffusion problems 58
M.R.Timerbayev Finite-element approximation in weight Sobolev spaces 72
R.R.Shagidullin Investigation of positive by curvature solutions of system of equilibrium equations of a closed cylindrical shell 81

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