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№10, 2000

Ye.P.Aksent'yeva The Riemann power problem with constant exponents for doubly periodic functions with zeros on contour 1
A.Yu.Aleksandrov To the stability with respect to nonautonomous first approximation 11
B.A.Kats The Stieltjes integral over a fractal contour and some its applications 19
T.P.Lukashenko Properties of generalized decomposition systems similar to orthogonal systems 30
F.G.Nasibov Extremal problems in classes of entire functions bounded on the real axis 45
N.B.Pleshchinskii and A.A.Gusenkova Complex potentials with logarithmic singularities in kernels for elastic bodies with defect along a smooth arc 53
V.I.Ushakov and M.V.Ivanova Properties of Green's function of third mixed problem for parabolic equation in non-cylindrical domain 63
V.A.Kakichev and Nguen Suan Thao Generalized convolutions of H-transforms 74

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