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№1, 2000

I.A.Bikchantayev Estimate of the number of solutions of the homogeneous Riemann problem on a parabolic Riemann surface 1
Ye.V.Vasil'yeva On a problem on classification of set of controls for parabolic equation 4
V.V.Gorbatsevich On the triviality of natural bundles of some compact homogeneous spaces 13
N.A.Degtyarenko Solution in closed form of an integral equation of convolution type in hyperelliptic case 18
P.L.Ivankov On evaluation of constants entering into estimates of linear forms 29
A.I.Malikov On stability of systems of differential equations with stochastic structural changes 36
I.R.Nezhmetdinov The duals and dual hulls of classes of analytic functions 43
A.Yu.Popov and S.A.Telyakovskii To estimates of partial sums of Fourier series of functions of bounded variation 50
L.F.Rakhmatullina Upper bound of the spectral radius of isotone operator 55
S.S.Titov Solving nonlinear equations in analytical polyalgebras I 60
A.V.Shipilyova Limit distributions for branching processes with immigration 76

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