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№7, 2001

P.V.Borisov Best approximation polynomials in metric of type Lp 1
Yu.G.Bulychyov Numerical integration of ordinary differential equations with the use of parametric regularization 5
B.G.Gabdulkhayev and I.K.Rakhimov Methods for solving nonlinear singular integral equations with monotone operators 13
M.N.Kubenskii Arithmetical embeddings of simple central algebras into matrix algebras 26
M.Ye.Polyakov A criterion for spatial projectivity of operator algebras possessing a canonical representation 30
Sh.M.Usmanov Conditional expectations on real W*-algebras and JW-algebras 41
T.V.Chekmaryov The Cauchy problem for system of differential equations with two unknown functions of two arguments 46
I.S.Shraifel' and I.M.Mal'tsev Basis simple connectedness criteria and their application to the solvability of the convolution equation 55
T.V.Antonova Recovery of a function with a finite number of discontinuities of the first kind via noisy data 63
S.Yu.Volkova Composed distributions in projective space 67
T.B.Zhogova Projective and correlative deformation of the family Lm2n-1$ 71
G.G.Mikhailichenko and V.M.Malyshev Phenomenological symmetry and functional equations 75
M.G.Tankeyeva Analytic cycles on complex tori 77

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