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№6, 2001

V.G.Abdrakhmanov, Ye.F.Saprykin, and Yu.N.Smolin Stability of solution of the Cauchy problem for periodic functional-differential equation with distributed delay 1
Ye.I.Bravyi Necessary conditions for the negativity of Green's function of two-point problem 10
V.V.Vlasov Properties of system of exponential solutions of differential-difference equations in Sobolev spaces 21
Ye.S.Zhukovskii Representation of Green's operator of an abstract functional-differential equation 28
A.G.Ivanov One property of an almost periodic integral depending on parameter 32
G.M.Muminov Two-point boundary value problem for linear differential equations of the second order with coefficients taking values on a given set 42
D.V.Pashutkin Reducibility of nonlinear differential equations to block-triangular form 47
N.V.Pertsev Two-sided estimates of solutions of integro-differential equation which describes the process of hematopoiesis 55
M.A.Soldatov, T.M.Mitryakova, and V.A.Il'yichov Determination of solutions of linear differential-difference equations in degenerate case 60
Z.B.Tsalyuk The structure of resolvent of a system of restoring equations with difference kernel 68

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