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№5, 2001

A.G.Baskakov Invertibility of linear difference operators with constant coefficients 1
N.S.Gabbasov Methods for solving linear integral equation with kernel possessing fixed singularities 10
V.N.Dubinin and V.Yu.Kim Averaging transformation of sets and functions on the Riemann surfaces 19
R.I.Kadiyev Stability of solutions of stochastic functional differential equations with respect to part of variables by first approximation 28
L.A.Krukiyer and L.G.Chikina Two-cyclic triangular skew-symmetric iteration method for solving strongly nonsymmetric systems 33
V.N.Pavlenko and V.V.Vinokur Resonance boundary value problems for elliptic equations with discontinuous nonlinearities 40
K.B.Sabitov and R.R.Il'yasov Ill-posedness of boundary value problems for one class of hyperbolic equations 56
Yu.T.Sil'chenko One mixed problem for differential equation of the second order with respect to time 61
A.I.Sherstnyova (Botygina) U-sequences and almost isomorphism between the Abelian p-groups with respect to fully invariant subgroups 69

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