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№4, 2001

V.V.Vasin and T.I.Seryozhnikova An algorithm for solving the FredholmЦStieltjes equation 1
F.N.Garif'yanov Biorthogonal series generated by dihedral group 9
M.V.Eryomina and P.A.Krylov Tensor product of Abelian groups as Noetherian module over endomorphism ring 14
I.Sh.Kalimullin Elementary theories of semilattices of n-recursive enumerable degrees with respect to enumerability 22
S.Kosbergenov Multidimensional boundary Morera's theorem for a matrix ball 26
M.F.Kulagina Construction of almost periodic solutions of linear differential and integro-differential equations with deviating arguments 31
A.G.Pinus Definability of finite algebras by derived structures 36
N.M.Ratiner Application of degree theory to a problem with oblique derivative 41
O.M.Sumyk and M.N.Sheremeta Lower estimates for the maximum term of the Dirichlet series 51
O.V.Khyshova and E.I.Yakovlev Ricci curvature of manifolds of the KaluzaЦKlein type 56
L.V.Veselova and O.Ye.Tikhonov The uniqueness of the solution to the inverse problems of interpolation for operator classes 60
Vit.V.Volchkov Local theorem on two radii for M-harmonic functions 63
Ye.K.Lipachyov Approximation solution of the boundary value problem of wave diffraction on domains with infinite boundary 67
A.A.Nazipov Multidimensional interpolational polynomials 71
R.B.Salimov and P.L.Shabalin Method of regularizing factor for solving homogeneous Hilbert problem with infinite index 74

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