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№3, 2001

K.V.Andreyev Structural constants of the octave algebra. Clifford equation 1
A.V.Boyarshinova Obstruction to integrability of infinitesimal deformation of k-dual structure 5
Ye.S.Volkova A theorem on


-distribution for normal manifolds of the Killing type
O.S.Germanov Movable Weyl spaces with decomposable line element 17
R.N.Guzeyev and A.V.Loboda Normal equations of affinely homogeneous convex surfaces of R3 23
S.G.Leiko Geodesic flow on the spherical tangent bundle of two-dimensional manifold with the Sasakian metric 31
L.A.Masal'tsev Surfaces with flat curvature lines in Lobachevskii space 37
K.V.Semyonov Geometry of pseudopotentials of a third order evolution equation 44
E.N.Sosov Continuity and connectedness of metric


-projection in a uniformly convex geodesic space
A.V.Stolyarov Linear connections on distributions of a conformal space 57
M.A.Cheshkova Monge hypersurfaces in Euclidean space 69
I.P.Denisova Theorem on general algebraic relations for tensor of type (2,0) in a four-dimensional Riemannian space 71
A.Magden and A.A.Salimov Horizontal lifts of tensor fields to sections of tensor bundle 73

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