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№11, 2001

A.V.Glushak Stabilization of solution of the Cauchy problem for an abstract differential equation of the first order 1
V.N.Zakharov The Riemann method of the Goursat problem for a class of third order differential equations 12
N.A.Koreshkov and D.Yu.Kharitonov Nilpotency of the Engel algebras 15
K.B.Sabitov and R.G.Idrisov The Gellerstedt problem for systems of equations of mixed type 19
E.N.Samoilova Spline approximations of solution of singular integro-differential equation 32
T.G.Sukachyova and O.P.Matveyeva Problem of heat-convection of the incompressible vicsoelastic KelvinЦVoigt fluid of nonzero order 44
A.A.Utkin and A.M.Shelekhov Three-webs determined by a linear differential equation 52
I.G.Shandra Completely idempotent pseudoconnections on semi-Riemannian and pseudo-Riemannian spaces and concircular fields 56
R.A.Shafiyev and I.Yu.Yastrebova Choice of parameters in the method of regularization of L-pseudoinversion 68
V.I.Zhegalov and Ye.A.Utkina The Goursat problem for a three-dimensional equation with higher derivative 74

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