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№10, 2001

N.R.Abubakirov, R.B.Salimov, and P.L.Shabalin Exterior inverse boundary value problem under combination of two parameters from Cartesian coordinates and polar angle 1
I.A.Galiullin Baire class of Lyapunov exponents of mechanical systems containing parameters 10
A.V.Daneyev and V.A.Rusanov Geometric approach to solving some inverse problems of the system analysis 17
M.M.Dragilev Koethe spaces with preequivalent unconditional bases 27
Yu.P.Zhigalko and S.I.Solov'yov Natural oscillations of a beam with harmonic oscillator 33
V.S.Klimov Averaging method in problem on periodic solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations 36
A.M.Kytmanov and M.S.Myslivets CR-distribution given on a hypersurface 44
I.N.Maiboroda and L.A.Ostrovetskii Fixed points of operators with heterotonic derivative 49
M.F.Pavlova and Ye.V.Shemuranova Existence of a weak solution for a problem of unsaturated filtration consolidation 54
V.G.Pokrovskii Dissection of an n-dimensional parallelepiped into parallelepipeds 65
K.B.Sabitov and A.A.Akimov On theory of analog of the Neumann problem for mixed equations 69

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