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№1, 2001

O.G.Avsyankin and N.K.Karapetyants Algebra of multidimensional integral operators with homogeneous kernels with varying coefficients 1
K.V.Andreyev On spinor formalism for n=6 9
B.G.Gabdulkhayev, M.I.Zakiyev, and I.P.Semyonov Optimal projection methods for solving a class of integral-differential equations 21
V.G.Zvyagin, V.T.Dmitriyenko, and Z.Kucharsky Topological characteristic of the set of solutions of Fredholm equations with f-compactly contractible perturbations and its applications 33
A.A.Kel'zon Estimation of the error of trigonometric interpolation of functions of m-harmonic bounded variation 46
I.G.Shandra Concircular tensor fields and geodesic mappings of the pseudo-Riemannian spaces 52
G.I.Shishkin Grid approximation of wave equation singularly perturbed with respect to spatial variable 63

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