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№ 9, 2010

V.A.Abilov, F.V.Abilova, M.V.Abilov Some inverse theorems for approximation of functions by the Fourier–Laguerre sums 1
P.D.Andreev A.D.Alexandrov's problem for non-positively curved spaces in the sense of Busemann 7
N.A.Koreshkov Finite-dimensional homogeneously simple algebras of associative type 30
V.Z.Tsalyuk Stability of linear functional differential systems with a multivalued feedback with respect to impulse disturbances 36
A.A.Shcheglova The solvability of the initial problem for a degenerate linear hybrid system with variable coefficients 49
A.Yu.Dan'shin On the structure of infinitesimal almost projective transformations in the tangent bundle of a general space of paths 62
S.P.Epifanov and V.I.Zorkal'tsev Application of the duality theory in modeling hydraulic systems with flow regulators 67
A.V.Zykina and N.V.Melen'chuk A two-step extragradient method for variational inequalities 71
D.A.Kirillova Univalent functions without common values 74
D.V.Turtin The maximal nonuniqueness classes of solutions to the Cauchy problem for linear equations 77

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