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№ 8, 2010

V.V.Aseev Convex expansion of condenser plates 1
E.O.Burlakov and E.S.Zhukovskii The continuous dependence of solutions to Volterra equations with locally contracting operators on parameters 12
V.V.Gorbatsevich Real subalgebras in the matrix Lie algebra M(2,C) 24
L.E.Evtushik, V.A.Kiosak, and J.Mikesh The mobility of Riemannian spaces with respect to conformal mappings onto Einstein spaces 29
V.D.Irtegov Specific features of families of invariant manifolds of conservative systems 34
V.P.Orlov Strong solutions of certain thermoviscoelastic system 41
R.G.Salakhudinov Isoperimetric monotony of the Lp-norm of the warping function of a plane simply connected domain 48
A.D.Uadilova Generating functions for ternary algebras and ternary trees 57
A.N.Chuprunov and B.I.Khamdeev The probability of correcting errors by an antinoise coding method when the number of errors belongs to a random set 67
E.D.Sherman Empirtical estimates with minimal d-risk for discrete exponential families 74

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