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№ 7, 2010

P.V.Vinogradova Error estimates for projection-difference methods for differential equations with differentiable operators 1
A.I.Golovanov Kinematics of finite elastoplastic deformations 12
V.V.Gorodetskii and O.V.Martynyuk The Cauchy problem for evolution equations with the Bessel operator of infinite order. II 26
V.P.Derevenskii Matrix differential equations with separation of variables 37
E.E.Ditkovskaya Curvature identities for principle T1-bundles over almost Hermitian manifolds 49
G.G.Mikhailichenko Functional equations in geometry of two sets 56
A.N.Frolov Presentations of the successor relation of computable linear ordering 64
A.G.Chentsov and Yu.V.Shapar' On a generalization of one game control problem in the class of finitely additive measures 75

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