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№ 6, 2010

V.V.Gorodetskii and O.V.Martynyuk The Cauchy problem for evolution equations with the Bessel operator of infinite order I 1
N.A.Mamadaliev Pursuit problems in linear differential games with delay 13
G.A.Povarov Finite transducers and nondeterministic state complexity of regular languages 19
S.Ya.Serovaiskii The necessary optimality conditions for a nonlinear stationary system whose state functional is not differentiable with respect to the control 26
E.N.Sosov Sufficient conditions for existence and uniqueness of a Chebyshev center of a nonempty bounded set in a geodesic space 39
M.T.Terekhin and V.V.Kiryushkin Nonzero solutions to a two-point boundary-value periodic problem for differential equations with maxima 43
A.A.Chentsov, A.G.Chentsov, and P.A.Chentsov An extremal constrained routing problem with internal losses 54
M.G.Yumagulov and O.N.Belikova Bifurcations of periodic solutions near triangular libration points in the three-body problem 69

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