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№ 5, 2010

T.M.Aldibekov The upper semicontinuity of senior generalized Lyapunov exponents of systems of differential equations 1
V.A.Emelichev, A.V.Karpuk, and K.G.Kuz'min On a measure of quasistability of a certain vector linearly combinatorial Boolean problem 6
Yu.V.Ershov and E.I.Yakovlev Realizability of the Hk-distance functions by homology classes of path spaces 15
B.A.Kats The rate of polygonal approximation of a non-rectifiable curve and the jump problem 21
E.N.Sattorov The Cauchy problem for a generalized spatial CauchyЦRiemann system 27
Yu.V.Tret'yachenko A generalization of the Helly theorem for functions with values in a uniform space 35
A.V.Urazaeva A mapping of a point spectrum and the uniqueness of a solution to the inverse problem for a Sobolev-type equation 47
Asghar Khan and Muhammad Shabir Intuitionistic fuzzy semiprime ideals in ordered semigroups 56
M.A.Alyokhina and A.V.Vasin Sufficient conditions for realizability of boolean functions by asymptotically optimal circuits with the unreliability 68
T.V.Zvereva Intrinsic geometry of nets on a multidimensional surface in a conformal space 71
E.V.Chebotaryova The study of boundary-value problems for a singular $B$-elliptic equation by the method of potentials 75

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