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№ 4, 2010

I.I.Batyrshin Isolated 2-computably enumerable Q-degrees 1
I.A.Bikchantaev The Riemann boundary-value problem on an $n$-sheeted surface free of limit points of projections of branch points onto C 7
L.V.Maslovskaya and O.M.Maslovskaya The Nitsche mortar method for matching grids in a mixed finite element method 15
R.V.Namm and A.S.Tkachenko Solution of a semicoercive Signorini problem by a method of iterative proximal regularization of a modified Lagrange functional 31
E.Yu.Romanova Asymptotic analogs of the Floquet-Lyapunov theorem for some classes of periodic systems of ordinary differential equations 40
K.B.Sabitov and E.M.Safin The inverse problem for a mixed-type parabolic-hyperbolic equation in a rectangular domain 48
E.V.Stefanyuk and V.A.Kudinov Approximate analytic solution of heat conduction problems with a mismatch between initial and boundary conditions 55
Z.B.Tsalyuk and M.B.Tsalyuk The resolvent structure of a Volterra equation with nonsummable difference kernel 62
M.M.Yamaleev Strong noncuppability in low computably enumerable degrees 72

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