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№ 3, 2010

V.A.Andrienko Embedding of $H_p^\omega$ in the class e<\sup>L 1
Dinh Trung Hoa and O.E.Tikhonov To the theory of operator monotone and operator convex functions 7
A.V.Leont'ev Lower bounds for algebraic algorithms for nilpotent and solvable Lie algebras 12
A.N.Mironov The Riemann function for one equation in an n-dimensional space 18
O.A.Repin and S.K.Kumykova A nonlocal problem for the BitsadzeЦLykov equation 24
R.B.Salimov and P.L.Shabalin The Hilbert boundary-value problem with a finite index and a countable set of jump discontinuities in coefficients 31
S.A.Telyakovskii The nature of convergence of the Fourier series for functions of bounded variation 42
N.Temirgaliev, S.S.Kudaibergenov, and A.A.Shomanova Applications of Smolyak quadrature formulas to the numerical integration of Fourier coefficients and in function recovery problems 45
S.N.Tronin Algebras over operad of spheres 63
S.A.Grigoryan and A.Yu.Kuznetsova AF-subalgebras of a C*-algebra generated by a mapping 72
A.I.Mikheeva and R.Z.Dautov Stability of the coincidence set of a solution to a parabolic variational inequality with an obstacle 77
A.V.Parfenenkov Estimation of an algebraic polynomial in a plane in terms of its real part on the unit circle 80
S.E.Stepanov and I.I.Tsyganok Infinitesimal harmonic transformations and Ricci solitons on complete Riemannian manifolds 84
F.B.Khabibullin Sequences of zeroes of holomorphic functions in weight spaces in the unit disk 88

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