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№ 2, 2010

B.G.Grebenshchikov and S.I.Novikov Instability of systems with linear delay reducible to singularly perturbed ones 1
S.R.Enikeeva A direct method for solving integral equations 11
N.A.Kolodii Existence and continuity with respect to parameter of solutions to stochastic Volterra equations in a plane 16
N.A.Koreshkov Nilpotency of n-tuple Lie algebras and associative n-tuple algebras 28
V.P.Kurdyumov and A.P.Khromov The Riesz bases consisting of eigen and associated functions for a functional differential operator with variable structure 33
B.P.Osilenker Some extremal problems for algebraic polynomials in loaded spaces 46
S.Ya.Serovaiskii Differentiation of operators and optimality conditions in category interpretation 57
D.N.Tumakov An over-determined boundary problem for the helmholtz equation in a semiinfinite domain with a curvilinear boundary 66
A.N.Chuprunov and L.P.Terekhova Almost sure versions of limit theorems for random sums of multiindex random variables 74
E.G.Kir'yatskii On the approximation of entire functions by trigonometric polynomials 84

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