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№ 12, 2010

N.K.Bakirov and I.R.Gallyamov Comparison of Numerical Integration Formulas 1
M.Yu.Kokurin The Global Search in the Tikhonov Scheme 17
M.E.Muminov and U.R.Shodiev Spectral Properties of a Hamiltonian of a Four-Particle System on a Lattice 27
M.Kh.Teshaev Realization of Servo-Constraints by Electromechanical Servosystems 37
S.N.Timergaliev and I.R.Mavleev Solvability of the Boundary-Value Problem for a Partial Quasilinear Differential Equation of the Fourth Order 45
M.Kh.Faizrakhmanov Decomposability of Low 2-Computably Enumerable Degrees and Turing Jumps in the Ershov Hierarchy 51
Asghar Khan, Muhammad Shabir, and Young Bae Jun Intuitionistic Fuzzy Quasi-Ideals of Ordered Semigroups 59
Yu.Kh.Khasanov Approximation of Almost Periodic Functions of Two Variables 72
M.M.~Shumafov Stabilization of the Second-Order Linear Time-Invariant Control Systems by a Delayed Feedback 76
Index 79
Misprints in "Russian Mathematics" (Iz. VUZ) (Vol.54, 2010) 84

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