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№ 11, 2010

V.Yu.Zinchenko and E.I.Yakovlev Smooth Almost $\Delta$-Bundles over Polyhedrons 1
A.Yu.Kulikov Stability of a linear nonautonomous difference equation with bounded delays 18
N.M.Makhmudov An optimal control problem for the Schrodinger equation with a real-valued factor 27
M.Kh.Ruziev A nonlocal problem for a mixed-type equation with a singular coefficient in an unbounded domain 36
T.L.Sabatulina Positiveness conditions for the Cauchy function for differential equations with distributed delay 44
A.V.Stolyarov Dual Riemannian spaces of constant curvature on a normalized hypersurface 56
A.Yu.Trynin The divergence of Lagrange interpolation processes in eigenfunctions of the Sturm–Liouville Problem 66
G.G.Sharafutdinova An operator method for studying the Euler problem on types of the loss of stability for a pivoted rod under buckling load 77
V.V.Klokov and D.E.Sergeev A problem of steady-state electrochemical shaping with a non-schlicht velocity hodograph 83

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