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№ 10, 2010

R.K.Gazizov and V.O.Lukashchuk Classification of approximate Lie algebras with three essential vectors 1
B.S.Zakirov and V.I.Chilin Noncommutative integration for traces with values in Kantorovich–Pinsker spaces 15
S.N.Il'in Direct sums of injective semimodules and direct products of projective semimodules over semirings 27
V.S.Mokeichev Explicit form of characteristic numbers of a periodic problem 38
R.K.Romanovskii and L.V.Bel'gart The exponential dichotomy of solutions to systems of linear difference equations with almost periodic coefficients 44
I.A.Shakirov The Lagrange trigonometric interpolation polynomial with the minimal norm considered as an operator from C2п to C2п 52
S.Yu.Graf and O.R.Eyelangoli Differential inequalities in linear- and affine-invariant families of harmonic mappings 60
A.Yu.Dan'shin Generating infinitesimal almost projective transformations in the tangent bundle of a general space of paths by projective transformations on the base 63
V.P.Zhitnikov, E.M.Oshmarina, and G.I.Fyodorova The use of discontinuous functions for modeling the dissolution process of steady-state electrochemical shaping 67
V.P.Maksimov and A.L.Chadov The constructive investigation of boundary-value problems with approximate satisfaction of boundary conditions 71
N.S.Rozinova Optimality conditions in the problem of maximization of the difference of two convex functions 75

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