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Prof. Dr. Farid Ablayev

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Prof. Dr. F. Ablayev Professor Dr. Farid Ablayev
Department of Theoretical Cybernetics
Kazan State University
420008 Kazan



I am interested in computational complexity, in particular in comparing the complexity of classical (randomized, nondeterministic and deterministic) and quantum computational models.


Papers available on line: Listing of my other publications (books, thesises, papers, technical reports)


Chair Professor of the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics of Kazan State University,

Chair of the department of informatik of Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics of Kazan State University.


Click here to see my Web page in Russian (maintained by Kazan university officials). Use the Cyrillic KOI8-r font from the Netscape View (Options) Encoding menue.

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Theoretical Cybernetics Department Staff Homepages

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