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Professional activities

Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics (D.A.M.) at Kazan State University (K.S.U.). Lecturing in the framework of the three-year specialization course on computer science and mathematical modeling. Research in oil and gas recovery modeling, in physics of gas-hydrate formation, in glaciological mechanics (snow-firn-bubbly ice rheology and densification, air-hydrate formation, paleoclimatic reconstructions, ice sheet dynamics), in mechanics of centrifugal separation. A member of the Editorial Board of the periodic issue “Data of Glaciological Studies”. International scientific collaboration with the Laboratory of Glaciology and Geophysics of Environment (Grenoble, France) in the framework of the Russian-French agreement on cooperation in Antarctic (Vostok) ice core and paleoclimate study, with the Institute of Low Temperature Science (Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan) in physics of ice core records, with the Goettingen Center of Geosiences (Goettingen University, Goettingen, Germany) in kinetics of gas-hydrate formation on ice surfaces. The participant of the Russian-Japanese Glaciological Expedition at Kamchatka in 1997.
Professor of D.A.M. at K.S.U. Lecturing and organization of the three-year specialization course on mathematical modeling and simulation of natural phenomena and technological processes. Research in cooling of electronic systems, in temperature processes in glaciers, in thin-layer centrifugal separation and fine purification of gases in chemical technology.
Vice-rector for Science at K.S.U. Management and organizing activities in scientific research in K.S.U. Business trips to Texas A&M University (U.S.A.) and Giessen University (West Germany) in the field of international scientific collaboration.
Docent Professor of D.A.M. Lecturing on mathematical analysis, computers and programming, inverse problems, mathematical modeling. Researching in thermo- and hydrodynamics of multiphase flows in functioning wells, in heat and mass transfer in contact melting, in simulation of temperature fields in electronic systems. The participant of Glacial-Volcanological Expedition at Kamchatka in 1986 and 1988.
Senior teacher of D.A.M. Lecturing on programming languages, secondary courses in mathematical physics and applied mathematics. Researching in temperature processes in functioning wells and boreholes, in thermal drilling in ice, in heat and mass transfer in permafrost and glaciers. The participant of the 25-th Soviet Antarctic Expedition, Ice Drilling Group (1979-1980).
Junior teacher of D.A.M. Lecturing and teaching on computational mathematics, programming, mathematical physics. Researching in thermophysics of wells and rocks.