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 Master Program
Master Program

In September 2004 the Law Faculty of Kazan State University has opened master-level studies in specialty 521400 "Law"

According to the Bologna declaration on expanding the European space for higher education and on mutual recognition of diplomas, the master training is the highest stage in the multilevel structure of higher education aimed at research and education.

The Law Faculty has started master training in specialty 521400 "Law" based on the Order #1236 of the Russian Ministry of Education dated March 9, 2004. The training is provided by the Law Faculty of Kazan State University under the supervision of the leading professors in the following programs:

521402 - Constitutional law; municipal law
521403 - Civil law, family law, international private law
521407 - Criminal law, criminology, criminal and enforcement law
521409 - International public law, European law

The leading professors from the European universities of Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt and Leuven have participated in developing the master programs. Thus, the syllabi satisfy the requirements of not only the Russian standards of professional education but also the European educational standards.

The KSU master program in law presupposes the further cooperation with the above universities, including the simultaneous receipt of the master degree at KSU and a European university. Kazan University has dissertation councils on the defense of candidate and doctor thesis in the corresponding areas for the graduates of the master programs.

The Law Faculty of Kazan State University has all the necessary facilities for education and research. Lobachevskiy Scientific Library is one of the largest of its kind. Kazan University provides access to present-day Russian and international databases for obtaining the necessary legal information and its exchange with different universities.

Applicable candidates for the master program shall be successful holders of bachelor degree or higher education (5 years, diploma of specialist).

Instruction is full- and part-time for tuition. The documents are submitted since September 1, 2004 (application, copy of previous higher-education diploma, six photos 3x4 cm)


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