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The Law Faculty of Kazan Federal University is one of the oldest establishments of higher legal education in Russia. Its history began from the first days of Kazan Imperial University. Under the Charter of 1804 signed by Alexander I, the Section of Morals and Politics was one of the four educational units that made up the newly founded University. The Section consisted of seven departments and three of them were engaged in teaching of the basics of law: natural law, political and national law; civil and criminal law; legal procedures in the Russian empire; law of outstanding nations of ancient times and present day.

In 1919 Law Faculty was transformed into the Faculty of Social Science, which was cancelled in 1922.

Teaching of law at University was resumed in October, 1928 when the Faculty of Soviet Construction and Law was created.

In 1931 the Institute of Soviet Construction and Soviet Law was established that was renamed into Law Institute in 1936. Finally, the return of Law Faculty was in 1952 when the Law Institute was closed.

Many well-known philosophers and thinkers, prominent scientists and practitioners have been students of Law Faculty in different years. Thus, among the first students was the renowned Russian writer S.Aksakov who attended lectures on law in the German language. The student of Law Faculty Leo Tolstoy wrote a term paper devoted to the comparison of «The Spirit of Laws» by Montesquieu with «The Order» by Catherine the Great under the supervision of Professor Meyer D.I. Much later Tolstoy wrote: «This work opened a new domain of intellectual independent work to me.»

In 1887 the 17-year-old Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) became a student of Law Faculty. Shortly, he participated in a student political strike and was dismissed from the University as a result of his revolution activity. Here, in Kazan, he experienced his first arrest and exile to the village of Kokushkino outside Kazan. Vladimir Ulyanov left Kazan as a mature Marxist.

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