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Sub-units of the Law Faculty

The Center of Legal Information. University professors, under- and post-graduate students can familiarize themselves with novelties in the legislation, periodicals and special literature. Such legal information is available at the Center both in hard copies and in the electronic form. The Center of legal information is well-equipped with the latest facilities and has an Internet access to Russian and international information resources. The Center is engaged in research and methodology developments on current issues of law, including participation in grant programs.

The Center has a legal clinic where professors teach students to represent clients' interests by providing free legal consultations to the poor. Director of the Center – Roza Sitdikova, Candidate of Science in Law. Sphere of scientific interests: law of intellectual property.

Contact information: (8423) 38-81-04; (8432) 31-51-14

Experimental Criminalistical Laboratory was created in 1996. It is responsible for providing all classes in criminalistics and other specialized courses with equipment, facilities and methodologies. The Laboratory boasts a room of criminalistic equipment and tactics, two photo laboratories (one for color development), and twenty computers.

Head of Laboratory – Ildus Safin
Contact information (8432) 31-54-49

The Center for Additional Education is a unit within the Law Faculty, which is aimed at developing professional skills and training prospective law students.

Director of the Center – Associate Professor Anatoliy Shalimov, Candidate of Science in Law.
Contact information: (8432) 31-51-20; (8432) 31-51-14

The Branch of the UNESCO Department on Human Rights and Democracy was founded in 1996. The Head of the Department is Professor Lenaris Mingazov. The purpose of creating the UNESCO Department is promoting the development of complex research programs, receiving information as well as working with documents on education in human rights and democracy.

Center of International Law was founded on the Project «Creating the Master program in International Law and Politics at Kazan Federal University» funded by the European Union through the Tempus Program (2001–2004). KFU Project Coordinator is Prof. Gennadiy Kurdyukov. The purpose of the Center is providing regional state and municipal bodies as well as a wide range of institutions involved in international cooperation with qualified personnel with university training in International and European law, international relations and politics. Within the framework of this Project, the Master School was organized in 2004.

The Center of European Documentation was created in 1994. It functions as a library with packages of documents and materials on human rights. The purpose of the Center is promoting democracy and human rights in Russia. There have been 42 applications submitted to the Center, of them, 4 complaints have been processed and forwarded to the European Court of Justice.

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