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The Museum of Kazan School of Chemistry

Director of the Institute
Professor Vladimir I. Galkin

  Address: 18, Kremlevskaja str.,
  420008 Kazan,
  Tatarstan, Russia
  Tel.: (007-843) 231-54-16
  Fax: (007-843) 292-44-48

A.Butlerov Institute of Chemistry

In the year Kazan University was founded - 1804 - the Department of Chemistry was opened. This event was a beginning of the Faculty of Chemistry and the world-known Kazan School of Chemistry.

A.Butlerov Institute of Chemistry was founded on April 21, 2003 after the decision of KSU Senate by joining A.Butlerov Research Institute and KSU Faculty of Chemistry.

The Institute trains chemists for the work at university laboratories, academic and industrial research bureaus and various educational institutions. Students also receive the necessary legal knowledge, study basics of management and have advanced courses of foreign languages. Computer training is provided on permanent basis. A special importance is attached to environmental training. A lot of Institute graduates work at agencies under the Ministry of Ecology engaged in environmental monitoring.

After their first year, students are divided in two areas: research and pedagogical. Departmental specialization starts in the fourth year. However, many students choose their specialization much earlier and join departments of their choice during the first and second years. As a rule, they are actively involved in research. Institute students are winners of the Russian contest of research papers, Soros fellows and winners of other prestigious awards.

Over 70 professors, including an academician of the Russian Academy of Science and a correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, 25 full professors and doctors of science and 44 candidates of science teach at the Institute.

The Institute has a museum that keeps the history of creating and developing the famed Kazan School of Chemistry. It preserves the spirit of the 19th century. The Museum is attended by Russian and international scholars, university and school students.

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