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Relativity Theory and Gravity

Head of the Department
Professor Asya V. Aminova

  Tel.: (007-843) 231-53-86
  E-mail: Asya.Aminova@ksu.ru

Main fields of research: - Exact solution of Einstein's field equations


Zakharov A.V., Professor, DSc (1990),
Kaigorodov V.R., Professor, DSc (1981),
Balakin A.B., Prof., DSc (2000),
Anchikov A.M., Assoc.Prof., PhD (1964)
Bilyalov R.F., Assoc.Prof., PhD (1964),
Daishev R.Ab., Assoc.Prof., PhD (1985),
Egorov A.I., Assoc.Prof., PhD (1978)
Kalinin D.A., Assist.Prof., PhD,
Podolsky V.G., Assist.Prof., PhD

Current research activities

Invariant-group methods and theory of symmetry in field theories and their applications

Research resources and equipment

Personal computers and Sparc-Station integrated within local network

Main teaching courses

Elements of topology, differential manifolds and Rimannien geometry, relativistic mechanics, electrodynamics and kinetics, theory of Lie groups, theory of spinors, theory of gravity, quantum field theory, cosmology, experimental foundations of General Relativity and Gravity

Scientific laboratory

Gravitational-Wave Astronomy



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