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Quantum electronics and radiospectroscopy department

Quantum electronics and radiospectroscopy department was founded in 1961. Its current head is Murat Tagirov.

Master’s and bachelor’s programs:

  • Physics of magnetic phenomena
  • Quantum radiophysics and quantum electronics

Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University is one of the world’s leading centers for radiospectroscopy. The department possesses a laboratory for magnetic radiospectroscopy and quantum electronics, the largest in the University. Many of the department’s graduates are working in the world’s largest scientific centers in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, USA, Israel and Japan.

In more than 50 years of its existence the department of quantum electronics and radiospectroscopy has published more than 1500 scientific articles resulting in a huge impact on the development of fundamental research in radiospectroscopy and quantum electronics.


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